Company  Registration

Company registration Malaysia has become easier and faster now, we can deliver your Notice of Registration, as per the Section 15 of the Companies Act 2016 in 3 days. We are specialised in company registration in Malaysia and append below the requirements, process involved and fees we charge for the company registration services.


  • Each company must have a minimum of ONE (1) resident director above 18 years of age, being a natural person with his/her principal place of residence in Malaysia.


  • Foreigners’, corporate or individual can set up companies in Malaysia.


  • A company must appoint at least ONE (1) Company Secretary, within 30 days from the date of incorporation.


Process Involved


  • We need your proposed name(s) for your new company and we will conduct the name search with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) to ascertain the availability of the name.


  • Approval of the proposed name would take around 2 hours, provided the name search is successful.


  • Submission for incorporation electronically, if the information is in order for SSM, the Notice of Registration will be ready within 1 day.


  • The whole incorporation procedure of a company generally takes 3 working days.



Our Fees for Company Registration & Company Secretarial Services

  • Our fee for company registration is RM3,000 inclusive of SST, name search, purchase of secretarial books, and all disbursements and no hidden charges.

  • Our Retainer fee is RM100 per month.


  • Our Registered Office fee is RM50 per month.




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